Thursday, June 11, 2015

Orange County Printer and Holistic Healthcare Specialist

Orange County Printer

Our first speaker today was Marty Cohn our printer. Marty spoke about considering a 3-D business card or a lenticular print today. Have you seen one? They definitely stand out! Printing has come a long way and lenticular cards work great for lighting businesses, Realtors, weight loss, construction, anything with a great before and after showcase. 

Don't know what lenticular printing is? It's a special technique that allows for the tilt-motion style of graphics where you can make an image appear different when viewed from different angles. It is a form of imposing a 3-D image on a physical 2 dimensional surface.

Call Marty, our neighborhood Orange County Printer today for all your OC printing needs.

23591 El Toro Road, Suite 292
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Phone: 949-328-7940

Orange County Holistic Healthcare Specialist

Our next speaker was Colonel Dhinsa with HealthWorks in Laguna Niguel. Need a holistic opinion for a condition you've been struggling with? Colonel has homeopathic medicine galore in stock and he knows how to use it. He's studied in herbs, homeopathy, and veterinary. If you've been coming up empty with your normal doctor call Colonel for alternatives!

One of Colonel's specialities is fertility. Another is cancer. He's not afraid to tackle the really tough health issues and help you achieve your best body & mind. Visit his store in Laguna Niguel and get some advice from an experienced Orange County Holistic Healthcare Specialist!

27271 La Paz Rd Ste A
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Phone: 949-831-9777

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Orange County Hair Stylist and SEO Specialists

Orange County Hair Stylist

Our first speaker was Janine Hamilton with On The Fringe our hairstylist - she uses the best products and has a great salon in Mission Viejo in the Kaleidoscope.

Jeanne does both men & women hair cuts & color - including the younger generation who want blue, purple or orange!

Need a Brazilian blowout, hair extensions, color correction, or just a great haircut? Call Jeanne, our Orange County Hair Stylist!!

Beyond the Fringe Salon
(949) 466-2554
27741 Crown Valley Pkwy
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Orange County SEO Specialists

The next speaker was Angie Weeks with Cal Coast Web Design. Do you know what people see when they try to find your business on Google? What if your website doesn't even appear? Cal Coast Web Design can help you with Search Engine Optimization, social media, and reputation management. If you don't know what reputation management is, Cal Coast has provided a video to explain:

Whether you want to be at the top of your Google ranking, fix a bad rep, work on expanding your business with social media, or any other online activity, Cl Coast Web Design can likely help you out every step of the way. Click here to see the extensive list of services offered by our Orange County SEO Specialists.

Cal Coast Web Design
(888) 281-7665 Customer Service   
(949) 345-1932 Sales
21092 Bake Pkwy #100 
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Orange County Business Attorney and Skincare Specialist

Orange County Business Attorney

Our first speaker today was Steve Fink our business attorney.  Steve takes his legal responsibilities very seriously and works hard for his clients. As a Tulane graduate and major networker, Steve always goes above & beyond for everyone he meets.

Employee issues, real estate issues, corporate issues, or anything legal are Steve's specialties. Call Steve, our Orange County Business Attorney friend if you ever need help! 

Steve Fink Law
  • 13 Corporate Plaza Drive
  • Suite 150
  • Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • Phone: 949-706-5900

Orange County Skincare Specialist

Our next speaker was Libby Jason our skincare specialist. Libby has a proven path to follow as a business person as well as the ideal path for skincare - call her and she can help you with a program! Seacret products are all natural and they really work.

Got wrinkles? Libby can help get rid of them? Got girlfriends? Have a skin party where you can try out all the different products!

Seacret is very affordable compared to other skin care lines and it really works. Call Libby today to get glowing skin with an Orange County skincare specialist!

Seacret Skincare
  • 27535 El Ferrol
  • Mission Viejo,, CA 92692
  • Phone: 949-422-9233

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Orange County Eyebrow & Waxing Specialist, Credit Card Processing Specialist

Orange County Eyebrow & Waxing Specialist

Our first speaker was Rizalva Friedrichs, our eyebrow and waxing specialist. Rizalva comes from Brazil and she came to America looking to live the dream! 15 years later she has her own waxing studio and a happy family.

Rizalva's life philosophies:
  • Be beautiful (schedule on!)
  • Be confident
  • Be happy with what you have and what you do.

Rizalva does both permanent eyebrows and waxing. There is a new feathering technique she does too! Drop by and enjoy the services of a favorite Orange county Eyebrow & Waxing Specialist

27741 Crown Valley Parkway Studio 3
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: 949-734-0025

Orange County Credit Card Processing Specialist

Our next speaker was Mike Durante, our credit card processing specialist. The world of credit cards is changing with EMV chip & pin - are you familiar with the new technology & safeguards? If not, give Mike a call! All the new rules go into effect in Oct 2015.

Interested in taking credit cards for your new business? Whether you're wanting to fix a broken system, starting a new business, or wanting to keep up with the newest technology, you want what's best for you and your customers. Call Mike, our Orange County Credit Card Processing Specialist, for a quote or a comparison!

2401 Holly Lane
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone: (949) 707-0294

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Orange County Gold Specialist & Commercial Realtor

Orange County Gold Specialist

Today's first speaker was Denise with LA Gold Parties. You'll get an event planner, invitations designed, and a full on gold extragavanza get together at your can make over $4000 as a host! This a great way to get extra cash.

Check out the video on how it works: 

LA Gold parties also do fundraisers. If you know someone in need, introduce them to Denise, our Orange County Gold Specialist!

LA Gold Parties
1400 Ambassador St. #105 
Los Angeles, CA 90035 

Orange County Commercial Realtor

Our next speaker was Gary Marquis, experienced commercial Realtor. Gary has done thousands of commercial real estate transactions and loves to assist on lease renegotiation. He has the experience that you can trust, with over 2,200 different transactions under his belt.

If you need retail space, manufacturing building, strip mall, anything for business or commercial real estate - call our local Orange County Commercial Realtor Gary!

INCO Commercial Realty
Warehouse, Office, Retail & Investment Real Estate
3333 Michelson Dr., Suite 680
Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: 949/313-2301

Monday, March 23, 2015

Orange County Mechanic, Professional Staffer

Orange County Mechanic

Our first speaker today was Karin with Neighborhood Car Care - the best mechanic in Orange County!

Want a free oil change? Neighborhood Car Care in Mission Viejo gives new clients and referrals a free oil change.

They also do much larger repairs, help you decide about a used car before you buy it, assist with new tires, and they work with extended warranties. Work with a family operated, trusted Orange County Mechanic.

Neighborhood Car Care
23761 Via Fabricante Suite A @ Obrero
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: 949-707-5991

Orange County Professional Staffer

Our next speaker was Rae Sours with Zeroin staffing.

It takes 6-8 hours a week to look through resumes and interview candidates - do you have that kind or time? Most Business owners don't- and that's why a staffing company is needed.

 Want a 180 day replacement guarantee if the new employee didn't work out? Zeroin offers it. They offer reasonable fee structures and give you your time back while finding you a quality employee for your office - call our local Orange County professional staffer Rae today!

1700 E. Garry Ave Ste. 210
 Santa Ana, CA 92705
 Phone: 949-204-3318

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Orange County Insurance Specialist, Personal Injury Attorney

Orange County Insurance Specialist

Our first speaker today was the hardworking Colleen Hirata with Advantis Insurance services. If you need auto insurance, home insurance or more, give her a call!

Colleen helps protect her clients against worst case scenarios while saving them money.

Buying a home? Did you know you can't close escrow without homeowners insurance? Colleen can help you set up a policy quickly and easily.

Doing business from your home now? It's not covered under homeowner's insurance in most cases. Make sure to get an additional policy or call Colleen today for a quote! This Orange County insurance specialist is here for you!

Advantis Insurance Services
26522 La Alameda Suite #210
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: 949-382-2980

Orange County Personal Injury Attorney

Our next speaker was Eric Dubin, our personal injury attorney. Eric wins big trials, and the insurance companies know it. He takes the time to truly research his cases to get the most amount of money for his clients.

Have a soft tissue injury? Eric has experience in ALL types of injury cases. If you know anyone hit by a car, who had a bad fall, or an accidental death in the family, consider giving Eric a call for a consultation. Our local Orange county Personal Injury Attorney will make sure you get what you deserve!

19200 Von Karman Ave Sixth Floor 
Irvine, CA 92612 
Phone: 949-477-8040