Monday, November 17, 2014

Orange County Gold, Personal Injury Lawyer, & Photographer

Orange County Gold

Our first speaker today was Denise with LA Gold parties. Need to make some cash and have some fun? Denise makes it easy - she handles your invitations and your guest list.

Your guests pay nothing, and they get to exchange their gold for cash!   Your gold is then taken to a refinery, melted down, and then made into new custom jewelry! Give those gaudy pieces a new look.

Call Denise today to book a party! Call Denise about scheduling your Orange County gold party today! She could get you a little extra money for your family as Christmas grows closer.

1400 Ambassador St. #105
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer

Our next speaker was Eric Dubin, our personal injury attorney. Eric has many awards and has won many high profile cases, including the famous Robert Blake case. Check out his website and give him a call if you have any accidents or injuries and need an attorney.

Are you getting the policy limit from the defendants? Call now for a free consultation from top rated Orange County personal injury attorney, Eric Dubin at 949-477-8040.

Dubin Law Firm
19200 Von Karman Ave
Sixth Floor
Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: 949-477-8040

Orange County Photographer

Our final speaker was Maurice Naragon, our photographer. Words can't really describe Maurice's work - it's just amazing!

He takes photos for menus, models, cars, families, hotels: anything and everything else you can think of! Check out his website and like him on Facebook to see some of the amazing shots.

Visit Maurice's website if you would like one of the best Orange County Professional Photographers today!

Maurice Naragon Photography and Design

Friday, November 7, 2014

Orange County Mechanic, Carpet & Tile Cleaner

Orange County Mechanic

Our first speaker today was Karin with Neighborhood Car Care, the best mechanics in Orange County.

AAA approved, family owned, and staffed. They've been in business for over 10 years, you can trust your car with Neighborhood Car Care. Their motto is "We don't recommend anything you don't need!"

They also offer discounts, referral programs, shuttle service, free wi-fi, and have a really comfortable waiting area. If you need an oil change or major service, call Neighborhood Car Care or visit to work with your Orange County Mechanic!

(949) 707-5991
23761 Via Fabricante Unit A at Obrero
Mission Viejo CA 92691

Orange County Carpet and Tile Cleaner

Our next speaker was Lori Iovine, our carpet and tile cleaner. Today Lori spoke about ways you can protect and maintain your carpet between cleanings.

1. Keep an area rug on those areas that get major traffic. This keeps things from getting worn down. It also helps keep dirt and other particles from being ground down into the weave of the fibers.

2. Vacuum weekly to remove dirt and dust. Once it's built up, it's harder to remove!

3. Treat spots immediately. Avoid chemical treatments that could be dangerous and bleach your carpet - Folet is a good brand.

Call Lori, your Orange County carpet and tile cleaner, for a carpet that looks brand new today!

Act 1 Carpet Cleaning
Phone: 949-456-6925 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Orange County Financial Adviser, Insurance Agent, and Construction Specialist

Orange County Financial Adviser

Our first speaker today was Jeffrey Cerny - best financial adviser in Orange County! Jeff talked today about the ways he helps clients increase net worth, protect assets, and properly plan for their dreams and goals. 

Should you be investing in CD's? Stocks? Mutual funds? The world of financing can be ominous and confusing. Let a specialist help you make the most of your hard work.

Jeff can help you determine your rate of return and help you maximize your money. Contact your Orange County financial adviser and wealth management specialist today!

William Jordan Associates, Inc.

23332 Mill Creek, Suite 260
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Phone: 949-380-8600

Orange County Insurance Agent

Our next speaker was Colleen our insurance agent. She spoke about property - if you do an addition & don't get a permit, and your place burns down, the insurance policy won't pay the full amount for your addition, so make sure to get a permit.

Floods, earthquakes, wind driven rain, and many other things are not covered in the majority of insurance policies! Call Colleen to make sure you are covered.

Need E&O insurance for your business? Colleen can help with that too. Give your Orange County Property & Casualty Insurance rep a call today to get protected! 

Advantis Insurance Services
26522 La Alameda Suite #210
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: 949-382-2980

Orange County Construction Specialist

Our final speaker was Rick with One Time Construction. Need a remodel? Call One Time, and get things done right the first time!  They can do kitchens, decks, floors, bathrooms, 2nd stories, hardscapes & more. Why bother trying to do all those tricky home projects yourself, when you can get a professional this easily? You'll save time, money, and frustration by getting help with your home needs.

Call Rick, your Orange County Construction contractor, if you need to remodel your commercial or residential property today!

One Time Construction
6 McClaren, #C
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 949-716-0566

Monday, October 6, 2014

Orange County Coffee Specialist and Home Insurance

Orange County Coffee Specialist

Our first speaker today was Julie Riness, our healthy coffee specialist. Why is it healthy? The gandoderma mushroom! It's been used in Chinese medicine for years. These pH neutral products are so much better for your body than regular coffee. You'll think and sleep much better.

Brew cups in chocolate almond or toasted hazelnut flavors! If normal coffee is giving you the jitters, acidity, or any negative effects, try Organo Gold and give Julie Riness a call.

Take the 30 day coffee challenge with our Orange County Coffee Specialist, Julie!

Organo Gold
Phone: (562) 881-2928

Orange County Home Insurance

Our next speaker was Maria Langgle with Title 365. Title insurance is important when you refinance or even buy a home for the first time.

Maria loves to partner with Realtors and lenders and help them improve their business so they sell more properties. If you know a realtor who wants to stand out, build their brand, and get more business? Have them call Maria.

Call Maria your Orange County Home Title Insurance Specialist today!

Advantage Title, Inc.
Phone: 949-614-5667

Friday, September 26, 2014

Orange County Promotional Product Specialist, Realtor, and Web Design

Orange County Promotional Product Specialist

Our first speaker was Lesley Sattin with Monkey Joe Speak, our promotional product specialist.

Want ROI? Of course! But you have to be careful where you spend. Lesley can help you come up with creative and useful client gifts, trade show giveaways, school apparel, and more.

Call her or visit their website today if you'd like help promoting your business from our Orange County promotional product specialist!

    22600-B Lambert St #804
      Lake Forest, CA 92630
        Phone: 714-549-2155

          Orange County Web Design

          Our next speaker was Scott Garland, our website designer. Scott loves technology and building websites since 1999.

          How is your website performing? Is it old? Antiquated? Scott can help.

          Mediablend can help you strategize to get conversions, more visitors, additional clickthroughs, and more.

          Do you have a video to add to your website? Scott can help - they do free estimates and have a new office in Mission Viejo. Mediablend also does hosting and email service, Contact Scott today your Orange County Web Design Specialists if you need website upgrades or hosting services!

          25422 Trabuco Road Ste. 105-492
          Lake Forest, CA 92630
          Phone: (949) 293-9189

          Orange County Realtor

          Our final speaker was Zen our Realtor of the group. Zen is with Keller Williams and he loves to study the real estate market. His team can help with all the crazy ups and downs of the real estate market.Currently the Orange County real estate market is balanced, and we are at our highest inventory in the last 3 years. Rents are almost equivalent to mortgages right now, so it's a great time to make that leap toward the American Dream of owning your own home. 

          Looking to sell? Buy? Invest? Call Zen, your local Orange County realtor!

          27101 Puerta Real #150Mission Viejo, CA 92691
          Phone: 949.922.2200

          Thursday, September 18, 2014

          Orange County VOIP, Cloud Specialist, and Holistic Healthcare Specialist

          Orange County VOIP Specialist

          Our first speaker today was Chris with VOIP OC. Are you tired of being chained to your desk? Need your phones in the cloud? Would you like your phone calls to follow you? Need extensions? Call forwarding? Of course, you'll do more business.

          If you know someone moving their business, expanding or downsizing their company, or complaining about their phone system have them give Chris a call.

          Bottom line: Chris offers phones that sound better, do more, and cost less. Call him today for a no obligation quote!

          Call Chris your Orange County VOIP Specialist to make your work life easier and save money today!

          VOIP O.C.
          1340 Reynolds Ave
          Suite 117
          Irvine, CA 92614
          Phone: 949-419-1700

          Orange County Cloud Specialist

          Our next speaker was Alex Pinedo, with OC Cloud 9 our 'cloud specialist'. Our technical world is moving away from laptops, and over to tablets and the cloud.

          Companies that store all their data on computers or servers are at risk - be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket without backing up into the cloud! Cloud hosting services can help keep your data safe even if there's trouble with any of your computer hardware or software.

          Call Alex with Orange County Computer today if you want to know more and see which cloud is best for you and your business!

          21092 Bake Parkway, Suite 100
          Lake Forest, CA 92630
          Phone: 949-699-6619

          Orange County Holistic Healthcare

          Our final speaker was Colonel with HealthWorks in Laguna Niguel. Colonel has helped literally thousands of people get healthy with his dedicated holistic practice and he can help you too.

          Colonel can help both pets & people! If you are sick, or have a sick pet, go see him.  Natural remedies are a great long term solution to your ailments over prescription band-aids.

          Contact your Orange County health and nutrition expert today!

          Phone: 949-831-9777

          Thursday, September 11, 2014

          Orange County Accountant, Will & Trust Attorney, and Networking Specialist

          Orange County Accountant

          Our first speaker today was Irene Mac our accountant. She answered questions for us today like...should you pre pay your taxes, and how do you know how much? A competent accountant like Irene can help you with the best scenario.

          Another important time for a good tax expert is if you get an inheritance  - there are so many different ways to receive, sell, and divide 'stuff' so be sure to call your tax specialist. It never hurts to have an experienced Orange County accountant to help with your finances.

          3857 Birch Street Suite 600
          Newport Beach, CA 92660
          Phone: 714-957-6936

          Orange County Will & Trust Attorney

          Our next speaker was Brent Pickelseimer our will & trust attorney. Don't forget to plan ahead! If you don't have an estate plan and something happens to your spouse or yourself your poor family will probably be taxed and left with so much paperwork - don't let that happen and set up your living will & trust with a professional like Brent today!

          If you have any need of an Orange County Will & Trust Attorney, it's easy to contact Brent Pickelseimer  by phone or email!

          Wills, Trusts, Probate & Related Litigation
          House Calls Available By Appointment
          Serving L.A. and Orange Counties, CA
          Phone: 213-401-1100

          Orange County Networking

          Our final speaker was Mike Langgle with Tenkrow, our online networking communications system. Mike is looking for referral partners and networking groups. This 'referral management system' is amazing and a totally new technology that helps people send better referrals and stay organized in their business groups.

          Call Mike your Orange County Networking Specialist for help from the best networking group today!

          19500 Jamboree Road
          2nd Floor
          Irvine, CA 92612
          Phone: 949-300-5373